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Support Our Work

The Appalachian Children Coalition and the ACC Behavioral Health Workforce Hub are dedicated to providing services to Appalachia Ohio’s children and those who work to support their mental and behavioral health. Your support allows us to advocate and raise our voice to increase awareness for our region.


Children in Appalachian Ohio are affected by poverty and increased exposure to drugs. They have limited mental and behavioral health care access, often being forced from their home communities to receive care.

There is also a significant gap in philanthropic resources for the region compared to the rest of the state with only $770 spent per year per Appalachian Ohioan compared to $6,663 for each person outside of the region. This results in a lack of highly needed children’s resources. 

You can support our work by joining the Hub as a partner or affiliate or by donating to support our efforts. You can also support us through support of the Appalachian Children Coalition (ACC) and the work it is doing in the region. Visit the ACC website to learn more, or email


Make a donation below or by mailing a check, made payable to the Appalachian Children Coalition, to 5 Depot Street, Athens, OH 45701.

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